Former Coca-Cola Exec. Appointed USA Boxing Senior Director

May 4, 2011

Jerry Mayes, a former beverage industry executive, has been appointed by USA Boxing as its senior director of business development.

Having spent more than three decades with Coca Cola, Mayes’ duties will now comprise increasing sponsorship and strategic development.

USA Boxing’s executive director Anthony Bartkowski said: “Jerry brings a wealth of experience to USA Boxing where he will be focused on expanding marketing and sponsorship initiatives, as well as researching grassroots programs and developing a plan to expand local boxing committee involvement.

“Jerry will be a true asset to USA Boxing in helping us steer in a strategic manner through [Rio] 2016 and beyond.”

Mayes will help bring in new sponsorship into 57 local boxing committees and will be leading restructuring development programmes in order to help them achieve self-sufficiency and financial stability.

Mayes will also be in charge of USA Boxing’s strategic plan for the 2016 Olympics and said: “As the sales centre manager for Coca-Cola here in Colorado Springs, I have worked closely with the USOC (United States Olympic Committee), at all levels, for the past 33 years.

“Throughout my career, I have worked with several of the USOC CEOs, management staff, and National Governing Bodies to coordinate the alignment of Coca Cola’s quality products and global marketing initiatives to enhance the visibility of the Olympic Movement and its athletes.

“I am now very proud and excited to be a part of the Olympic family in my new role with USA Boxing.”

Mayes managed four different territories during his time with Coca Cola and was responsible for sales, media buying and operations, as well as being named the winner of its Presidents club in 2000.