Footballers line-up to launch new app

By iSportconnect | April 29, 2016

Ryan Bertrand has helped launch ‘Footiemoji’ an app for football fans with branded emojis for teams and players.

The IOS app is the brainchild of Bertrand and business partner, Louis Bell, with whom he founded Silicon Markets, a fintech brokerage based in London; 

Having determined the concept, Bertrand mentioned the idea to Fonte and Terry, both of whom immediately offered to back the venture. 

Speaking to iSportconnect Bertrand said: “I had the idea- I have an entrepreneurial mind-set, I’m always thinking of ideas; not a day goes by when I see something and think ‘there’s an app for this or an app for that.’”

“This is a bit of a craze in the US at the moment there’s various high-profile people releasing apps at the moment and I felt there was nothing like this for football.”

“I thought why not create a set of emojis for football fans, something they can share, have a next level of messaging.”

“People are expressing themselves more through pictures rather than text – I hope people enjoy it and have fun.”

John Terry - FootiEmoji

Bertrand was speaking at the launch event held by ENS at The Ice Tank in Central London.

He was keen to point out he hopes a lot of other footballers will look at what he’s done in creating an app to consider what they will be doing after football, while also explaining how he managed to get Jose and John on board.

He continued: “I hope a lot more football people do keep an eye on their future and see a career after sports, you hear the odd horror story and that’s never nice to see – I hope this will be a growing trend.”

“It was nothing formal, we’re friends and I still chat to John, it came up in conversation he said it would be fun and they went for it.”

“I think we’re looking forward in perhaps version 2 of the app to have sponsors, firstly we want to establish we’re the guys to go to for football emojis and the second step is partnerships we can create to enhance the app for the user.”

The app is available worldwide now through the Apple store.

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