Football League proposes restructure

By iSportconnect | May 20, 2016

Football League Clubs are being asked to consider re-organisation of the domestic league system into five divisions of 20 teams from the 2019/20 season.

Under the proposal, ed The Football League would become a four division competition below the Premier League, including a new League Three, with 100 clubs competing across the professional game.

In addition, the League Cup and League Trophy will be retained with the latter potentially having a revised format include a group structure of three games before becoming a knockout competition thereafter.

At this point, the Board of The Football League is offering no recommendation other than asking clubs to give the matter their full consideration, taking into account the following:

– Football League Clubs should be in a financially no worse, or preferably better, position as a result of any changes;
– Promotion to/relegation from the Premier League must be retained at three places;
– There would be no relegation out of The Football League in season 2018/19;
– Football League Clubs must support the final proposal.

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