Football League Admits Errors in Coventry Administration Process

August 19, 2013

The Football League has admitted to registering Coventry City players to Coventry City Football Club (Holdings) instead of within Coventry City Football Club Limited.

The news, which was reported by the Coventry Telegraph, raises serious questions about the sale process of the club from Sisu to Otium, which took the Sky Blues out of administration.

Now, the Football League has admitted to making an ‘administrative oversight’ in the registering of players.

The FA are also reported to have made the mistake and the Football League will now write to Sports Minister Hugh Robertson to admit the error.

Creditors ACL released a statement that read: “The Football League’s admission that it has made serious errors in the administration of Coventry City Football Club is a crucial development in this saga.

“Since March, we have made the case that the football assets of the club, including player registrations, should have resided with the company with the ‘Golden Share’ – that is Coventry City Football Club Limited.

“That is what all the publicly available documentation makes clear – from the 2008 board minutes that recently came to light right through to the last set of filed accounts in 2012. It is also what the Football League’s own regulations say should be the case.

“It is therefore deeply disappointing that they have waited until now – with the administration process almost over – to make this admission. But fortunately there is still time to resolve this matter.

“The joint-administrators have not yet liquidated the club so there is still time for a proper administration process to be run – one based on all the facts – that provides a fair outcome for creditors, for prospective purchasers of the club, and most of all for Sky Blues fans themselves.”