Football Association Ireland Chief Executive John Delaney Defends Lucrative Salary

By iSportconnect | March 20, 2013

The chief executive of the Football Association of Ireland (FAI), John Delaney, has defended his lucrative salary and stated that he has turned down better paid jobs.

Delaney earns approximately €340,000 a year, despite cutbacks that have hit Republic of Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni and his coaching staff.

However, despite this and the country being in a difficult economic situation, Delaney has defended his salary.

Speaking to Sky Sports New, Delaney said: “I was offered a job three times the salary that I’m currently on, and that’s a fact.

“I didn’t take the job, I didn’t want the job. I’m very happy in this job.

“I think the turnover of the FAI in the mid-90s, 1996,97, was about seven million euros. Last year it was north of 40 million euros.

“We are in a tough economy here in Ireland at the moment and anybody who is on a big salary is going to grab media attention.”