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Fnatic Announce New Partnership With BMW

April 16, 2020

Fnatic are excited to officially announce the start of a ground-breaking partnership for esports, signing a multi-year partnership with BMW that seeks to focus on driving performance of Fnatic’s teams going forward.

The partnership will seek to make use of BMW’s industry leading research, design and technology to innovate how we look at esports and can improve every aspect of our performance. Working alongside BMW’s renowned engineers and designers, Fnatic will seek to maximise both software and hardware innovation to further entrench ourselves as the most forward thinking esports organisation.

“At Fnatic we are dedicated to maximising performance and entertainment through technology and innovation. It is these shared values that make BMW the perfect partner as we seek to level-up every gamer on the planet. As a pioneer in the automotive space, with a history of advancing entertainment in competitive sport and working with the best talent and teams, we are thrilled to be working with BMW to build the future of esports and entertainment together.” Glen Calvert, Fnatic

Alongside Fnatic, BMW will be partnering with four of the most successful esports teams in history; Cloud 9 (US), Funplus Phoenix (China), G2 Esports (Germany) and T1 (South Korea).  While competitors in the arena, each team is ‘United in Rivalry’ through their shared values and a drive to win, it is the competition that pushes development and enhances performance.  The partnership will harness the competitive spirit, passion and dedication to achieving at the highest level shared by each team to create engaging content across channels.

“Esports shows us how sports entertainment can continue to thrive and play a key role considering today’s challenges. Our entry into esports is motivated by a commitment to become a sustainable, global partner, supporting the teams and the discipline as a whole, before, during and after these times of uncertainty.” says Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer and Brand BMW.

BMW Fnatic