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Floyd Mayweather wants Conor McGregor fight to cost £100 on UK pay-per-view, claims Eddie Hearn

By Community | July 31, 2017

Floyd Mayweather wants to charge UK boxing fans £100 ($132) to watch his upcoming fight against Conor McGregor on pay-per-view, according to Matchroom Sport’s promoter Eddie Hearn.

Sky will be broadcasting the ‘Billion Dollar Fight’ live to UK supporters and normally offer similar events for a fee of £19.95. The fight is scheduled to take place on 26 August in Las Vegas.

Forecasters and industry experts expect the bout to smash pay-per-view records but Hearn believes UK fans are unlikely to be asked to pay substantially more than the figure they are accustomed to.

“[Floyd] Mayweather wants the price to be £100,” Hearn told GQ. “The price will be within the same realms as it always has. I don’t set the price, but my gut feeling is £19.95.

“If it went to £24.95… I can’t see it, it wouldn’t be my decision. Sky won’t want to go beyond £19.95. That is their price point.”

Meanwhile, American viewers are expected to have to pay $99.99 to see the action live; the same price that was set when Mayweather took on Manny Pacquaio in 2015.

The ‘Fight of the Century’ with Manny Pacquiao holds the pay-per-view record for a boxing event after being purchased by 4.4million fight fans.

Boxing Broadcasting Conor McGregor Eddie Hearn Floyd Mayweather PPV