First Female NFL CEO Amy Trask Resigns from Oakland Raiders

May 13, 2013

The first female CEO in NFL History, Amy Trask has resigned her post at the Oakland Raiders after spending the last 25 seasons with the team. 

Trask joined the Los Angeles Raiders’ legal department in 1987 and was promoted to CEO in 1997 by legendary owner Al Davis, who passed away in 2011. The Raiders are now owned by his son, Mark Davis.

In a statement emailed to various members of the media, Trask expressed how she had agreed to remain on during the team’s transitional period after Davis’ passing, but felt now was the time for her to move on.

“Having honored a commitment that I made to effectuate a smooth transition and transfer of control, I no longer wish to remain with the organization,” Trask said in an email posted on

“For over a quarter of a century, it was my honor and my privilege to work for the Raiders. I will forever appreciate the opportunity afforded me by Al Davis.”

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