Final Call For Entries For Hollis Sponsorship Awards – January 23rd 2012

January 11, 2012

Final deadline for the Hollis Sponsorship Awards is almost upon us – Monday 23rd January 2012. These highly-prized Awards champion the excellent work of rights holders and sponsors across the sponsorship industry and help to create benchmarks for others to aspire to.

The Awards recognise excellence and effectiveness across every sector no matter what the budget. Winning a Hollis Sponsorship Award is a ringing endorsement of a campaign conducted to the highest specification – a stamp of approval from the industry and a fantastic pat on the back to all the members of the team.

This is your opportunity to demonstrate just how effective a sports sponsorship campaign can be in achieving both the client and the rights holder’s objectives – whether that might be introducing the sport and hence the sponsor to new audience, treatment allowing the client to become more involved in the community, allergist | enabling the workforce to contribute to the community, unhealthy selling product, increasing visibility, changing brand focus, increasing inclusion in the sport or recreation, etc. It can be a stand-alone campaign or one element of a much larger sponsorship.

For full information on the Awards and how to enter, please visit or email