FIM Partners with TTXGP to Launch New Electric Motorcycle Road Racing Series

March 5, 2013

The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) has announced today that it has reached an agreement with TTXGP to promote a new series of electric powered motorcycle road racing events.

This agreement lays the groundwork for growth and a higher profile for the sport.

The new series will initially be run as a World Cup and as a support class to other FIM Championships events. For the inaugural season in 2013, it will consist of four events in both Europe and the USA, and a Final in Asia. And for 2014, it will revert to a championship calendar with a minimum of six events over three continents.

The next milestone of this new concept comes in 2015, when this FIM Championship becomes a headline event in its own right with a global calendar.

Since first FIM World records in 1994 and the first Road racing event held in 2009 by TTXGP, electric powered motorcycles have shown huge improvements in both range and power. The new e-Road Racing series will provide an intercontinental platform for the development of electric powered two-wheelers and showcase their great potential as clean sports and road vehicles.

FIM President Vito Ippolito said: “Through this agreement, we are taking another important step towards the growth and promotion of clean electric road racing. The FIM is committed to furthering sports events for electric motorcycles which will certainly be a major component of the motor sport of the future.”

TTXGP founder Azhar Hussain considers the agreement a milestone in the development of electric motor sport: “This partnership with the FIM clears the way for a single destination for all the world’s innovators to drive the next generation of technologies for competitive motor sport beyond the grid. We look forward to working with the FIM on this exciting project.”

The name of the series and the 2013 calendar will be released shortly.