Hockey Federation Partners Whisper Films For Magazine Show

June 7, 2018

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has partnered with Whisper Films to create a global magazine show.

Under the agreement, Whisper will reinvent the current FIH offering to help make hockey more appealing to sports fans worldwide.

Filming for the new show will take place on all five continents and will feature stories from grassroots to elite level.

FIH TV and Broadcast Director, Andy Oram, said of the partnership: “This really is a giant step forward as we look to bring a full commercial focus to our live and additional programme content. Whisper Films pride themselves on delivering strong editorial content and unearthing new stories.

“Together we will share the amazing stories from hockey, across all levels of the game, from around the globe. They have earned the status as one of the most creative and engaging production companies around – exactly the type of partner our sport needs to help engage millions more followers around the world.”

Whisper Films Managing Director, Sunil Patel, added: “We share the same ethos as the FIH being an authentic, innovative and forward-thinking company with experience of working closely with big global brands.

“This is a particularly exciting time for hockey and we are looking forward to showcasing the unique stories within the sport. Whisper Films have made a name for ambitious and innovative coverage which helps grow the reach of sports. We can’t wait to deliver our high-impact, creative content to growing audiences across the world.”