FIFA to develop goal line technology possibility

July 22, 2011

Soccer’s World Governing body has announced Nine goal-line technology systems will undergo tests in a bid to be approved for match-day use next season.

FIFA did not disclose the identities of the nine Europe-based candidates. They will be examined by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology. After the tests the results will be studied and analysed and the best systems will be invited for a second round of trials.

FIFA stated “Each company’s respective technology will be scrutinised across a broad range of criteria, malady in both daylight and floodlit conditions,” They continued by saying “Using a pass or fail assessment system, the testing period will measure the technology’s recognition of free shots on goal, with 100% accuracy required, as well as static and dynamic accuracy tests, to 90 per cent accuracy in the first phase.”

FIFA also said: “Also under examination will be the individual goal-line technology systems’ transmissions to officials in the result of a goal, with both a vibration and visual signal required to be sent to the referee’s watch. This indication must be received wherever the referee is positioned on the field of play, or within the technical areas.”

Premier League CEO Richard Scudamore stated earlier this week that he is hoping that goal-line technology will be introduced in time for the 2012-13 season.