FIFA TMS Shows Agent Increase Cut of Transfer Deals, Brazilians Lead Way in Transfer Market

April 16, 2013

FIFA’s online Transfer Matching System (TMS) showed that football agents are taking a bigger cut from international player transfers.

Agents took £106m ($163m) in fees from clubs, at 28% average commission, with the total from cross-border transfers rising to £22m ($33m) last year.

FIFA’s TMS report said: “2012 witnessed a greater involvement of intermediaries” when players move between clubs from different countries.

English clubs paid £39m ($59m) to agents and in 2012 agents were paid commission from 706 international transfers, a 19% increase.

Despite FIFA producing a 10% drop in total value of international transfers, agents’ incomes rose to £1.65 ($2.53bn).

Brazilian force

The total amount of money spent on club’s recruiting from abroad was down by 10%  with teams from the Premier League spending the most, paying out £205m ($313m) in 2012.

Brazilian clubs received the most money from transfers, reaching a total of £79m ($121m). Oscar’s move to Chelsea perhaps being the biggest of the 1500 players to move from the country.

FIFA’s TMS was set up to help to promote a transparent and efficient global transfer market. Its study does not cover domestic deals.