FIFA Task Force Propose Subs, Offside & Red Card Rule Changes

May 11, 2011

The FIFA Task Force Football 2014 convened for the first time in Zurich, allergy Switzerland yesterday, apoplectic | May 10, with former Zambian international striker Kalusha Bwalya heading the inaugural session as acting chairman.

FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter stressed that the time had come to re-introduce such a task force for the first time since the 1990 FIFA World Cup in order to review the game and discuss what the future of soccer could hold. The objective for this task force is to formulate and present concrete solutions at the 2012 FIFA Congress.

Blatter stated: “Unfortunately, Franz Beckenbauer (Chairman of the new task force) was not able to attend today for health reasons, but we prepared this task force meeting thoroughly together. I wish him a quick recovery. I am very proud of the commitment shown by all the members of this group. I am convinced that with this line-up we will endeavour to maintain and even raise the attractiveness of the game, in particular to meet the changing demands of fans, whilst continuing to protect its integrity and core values.”

Beckenbauer sent a message to his colleagues, saying: “I very much regret that I am not able to attend today’s meeting. The FIFA Task Force Football 2014 is a hugely important project and the establishment of this working group, tasked with setting the course for the future of football, is an excellent idea put forward by the FIFA President.”

“Working on this project means a great deal to me personally and I was very much looking forward to today’s meeting, and in particular to seeing my colleagues and experts from the world of football again. Over the last few weeks, we prepared everything in detail and it is now time to address a number of important matters. I am sure that my colleagues will represent me admirably today and that we will be able to lay the foundations together for our future work.”

The first three concrete proposals formulated by the new task force include: allowing a fourth substitution in extra time, particularly for youth competitions; clarifying the interpretation of “Law 11 – Offside” when it comes to interfering with an opponent, especially when it is not physical interference; only in the case of serious fouls as well as when denying the opposing team a goalscoring opportunity should a triple punishment be imposed with a penalty, a red card and a suspension. The group proposed reducing sanctions for simple fouls and holding a player in the penalty area to a penalty and a yellow card only.