Fifa set to scrap agents license rule

October 6, 2010

World football’s governing body Fifa is set to remove the system for regulating agents, as around 70 per cent of international transfers are conclude without licensed agents.

Fifa’s current agent regulations came into force in January 2008, but the organisation has been meeting over the last year to review how the system is working.

Fifa released a statement that said: “A possible new approach could be to regulate the conduct of clubs and players, and extend the scope of the regulations to include all kinds of intermediaries. In other words, the regulations would stop attempting to regulate access to the activity, and instead control the activity itself.

“This would mean that players and clubs could choose any parties as intermediaries, be they legal entities, lawyers, relatives or spouses, but would have to meet certain criteria and respect certain principles. This approach would also result in the annulment of the current licensing system.”