FIFA Presidential Candidate Chung Mong-joon Plans to Sue “Hypocrite” Blatter

October 7, 2015

By Christian Radnedge

Dr Chung Mong-joon, medstore former FIFA executive committee member and presidential candidate, plans to sue Sepp Blatter for embezzlement.

Speaking at the Leaders Sport Business Summit in London, the South Korean labelled the outoing FIFA president a “liar and a hypocrite” and said that world football’s governing body had become a criminal organisation.

Dr Chung revealed this week that he is being investigated by FIFA’s ethics chamber for charitable payments made in 2010, and he could face a 15-year suspension. He criticised the campaign as an attempt to stop him running to succeed Blatter at FIFA’s extraordinary elective congress in February.

“Mr Blatter is, in short, a hypocrite and a liar,” Chung, said in his speech to delegates. “FIFA has become a badge of shame. To call it a mafia is almost insulting to mafia, so blatant and arrogant is its corruption.

“At FIFA, money and power have blinded Blatter in the virtues of sportsmanship.

“For his payment without executive committee approval, I plan to sue Mr Blatter on his embezzlement in court.”

“In the Visa-MasterCard [sponsor switch] case [in 2006] the judge said FIFA is not fit to use the slogan of fair play. She used the word ‘lies’ 13 times. Those lies cost FIFA $100m. The case should have been a criminal case. That was corruption.

“They had even feigned the signature of the president of Visa to make a separate contract to deceive MasterCard. Why should FIFA pay the fine for president Blatter’s corruption? President Blatter and Mr Valcke, the general secretary [who is now] under suspension, should have paid the fine from their own pocket.

“At the executive committee meeting after the verdict I raised the issue and Mr Blatter tried to freeze me out. I was the only executive committee member to do so. This is another case on which I will sue president Blatter.”

SeppBlatterWhen asked later how much he would sue for, Chung explained that it must be in relation to the crimes committed and that it could be in excess of $100m. He said that should he win the case, which would take place in a Swiss court, the money would go back to FIFA.

Chung also took aim at the controversial bid process for the 2018-2022 World Cup hosting rights. A member of FIFA then in December 2010, Chung took part in the votes but would not reveal who he voted for saying it was a “FIFA regulation” that it is secret.

He added: “It was Blatter who suggested that we decide the venues so early and at the same time. It is his responsibility. Now, if there is clear evidence that the vote was rigged one way or another, it should be held again.

“Michael Garcia’s investigation report should be published as soon as possible. To not publish this is criminal. The World Cup 2026 venue should be decided by the congress in 2020.”

Chung set out his election pledges in his manifesto. If allowed to run, he will compete with UEFA president Michel Platini and Prince Ali of Jordan who are the other confirmed candidates. October 26 is the deadline for presidential candidates to make themselves known.

Chung said: “If I am elected President of FIFA, this is what I will do for FIFA:

– Strengthen ‘checks & balances’ between the presidency, the Executive Committee and judicial bodies.

– Transform the Congress into an open forum.

– Impose term limit on the President.  I will serve one term.

– Increase transparency.

– Disclose the president’s salary, bonuses and expenses.

– Increase the Financial Assistance Program (FAP) to national football associations.

– Elevate the Women’s World Cup to a new dimension by raising the prize money.  Currently, the prize for the women’s World Cup accounts for only 5% of the men’s prize.  We must raise this to 50%.  Women’s World Cup can become a cash cow for FIFA.”

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