FIFA Launches New TV Advertising Campaign for World Cup

By Community | June 8, 2014

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FIFA has launched a global TV advertising campaign for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil to highlight global football development and highlight the fight against discrimination and match manipulation.

The animated TV campaign, called Elements, features 30-second and 15-second spots and will be beamed to audiences across the world by FIFA’s Media Rights Licensees during the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

FIFA’s Media Rights Licensees allow FIFA to show institutional and social campaign spots as part of their agreements to broadcast matches from the FIFA World Cup, and to support FIFA’s development work and football across the globe. This gives FIFA access to a potential viewing audience of billions of football fans during our flagship competition.

“This huge platform gives FIFA an amazing opportunity to speak to a global audience,” said FIFA Director of Communications & Public Affairs Walter De Gregorio. “And we wanted to use this platform in the right way – to tell the world there can be no place for discrimination of any kind in football, or in society, and to raise awareness around the threat of match manipulation.”

“We also felt it was crucial to let more people know about our work in football development, which is where so much of the proceeds from the FIFA World Cup go to. Few people know that FIFA invests more than half a million dollars every day in developing football everywhere, from the grassroots up.”

London-based agency Klein & Sons produced the Elements campaign, working with specialist Dutch animator Rogier Wieland.