FIFA End Manchester United Hope Of Champions League Reinstatement

January 6, 2012

FIFA (International Federation of Association Footbal) have announced that their threat to suspend the Swiss Football Association (SFV) will not come to pass.

In confirming this, FC Basle will remain in European competition and there is subsequently no longer a possibility of the re-entrance of Manchester United into this season’s Champions League in their stead.

The world governing body had demanded the SFV take action against FC Scion for floating transfer sanctions, and gave a deadline of January 13th which was ultimately redundant as the Swiss FA docked the club 36 points on the penultimate day of 2011.

The decision to dock three points for every game which featured one of the so-called ineligible players (signed after the embargo was enforced) seems to have placated FIFA.

FIFA stated, “The FIFA emergency committee decided [on] 5 January 2012 to consider the requirements established by the FIFA executive committee on 16 December 2011 as fulfilled by the Swiss Football Association (SFV) and that the SFV will consequently not be suspended in relation to the FIFA executive committee’s decision of 16 December.”

They also issued a caveat as a warning to the SFV, “However, FIFA has requested the SFV to keep the international football governing body informed on any future developments with regards to this matter.”