FIFA Confirm European Clubs Won’t Receive Compensation During 2022 World Cup

February 25, 2015

FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke has stated that European clubs will not be compensated during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

A FIFA task force yesterday recommended a winter World Cup to take place in November and December, which will see European teams release players for that period.

The official dates will be confirmed at a FIFA Executive Committee Meeting in Zurich in March.

“There will be no compensation. There are seven years to reorganize. We are in agreement with the clubs,” said FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke.

Valcke was also adamant that clubs do not need an apology for the World Cup being staged in the winter and disrupting their domestic campaigns.

“Why should we apologise to the clubs? We have had an agreement with the clubs that they are part of the beneficiaries. It was 40 million (US) dollars in 2010 and 70 million in 2014.

“We are bringing all our people to enjoy the sporting and financial results of the World Cup.

“I definitely don’t feel I have to apologise for the decision made yesterday to confirm that the World Cup will not be played in the summer.”

Valcke also confirmed that the World Cup will be reduced from 32 days to 28 and that the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations will be moved from January to July.

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