FIFA Ask for Evidence Relating to Cameroon Match-Fixing Claim

July 3, 2014

FIFA has told a German magazine to provide evidence that a known match-fixer correctly predicted the score and a red card in a match at the Brazil 2014 World Cup.

Der Spiegel reported that convicted match-fixer Wilson Raj Perumal told them that Cameroon would lose 4-0 to Croatia and have a man sent off – both circumstances occurred with Barcelona’s Alex Song seeing red after striking Mario Mandzukic.

Perumal has since denied speaking to the magazine before the game and now FIFA have demanded the magazine provides evidence.

“We have requested Der Spiegel to provide us with all the communications with Perumal and any other material in order to prove the allegations they have made,” said FIFA’s Head of Media, Delia Fischer.

“So far we have no evidence of any match manipulation on the betting market.

“The media and other stakeholders should not call people’s or organisation’s credibility into question just for headlines.

“It is really important to make sure that information is handled with the necessary respect and care.”

The governing body’s Director of Security, Ralf Mutschke also added that there had been no betting patterns of concern throughout the opening games of the tournament and described the claim from Der Spiegel as a “serious allegation.”

Der Spiegel have said they stand by their report, despite Perumal’s claim the talk happened after the match.