FIFA Apologise For Crimea Video Controversy

October 31, 2014

World football’s governing body FIFA has issued an apology after its video to launch the 2018 World Cup logo displayed a map portraying the Crimean peninsula as part of Russia.

The controversial clip was played in Russia’s historic Bolshoi Theatre at the official unveiling of the 2018 logo in Moscow earlier this week.

Crimea was annexed from Ukraine by Russia in March, click which sparked a crisis between Russia and the West.

FIFA issued a statement putting the blunder down to a local video production agency.

“Unfortunately the map of Russia selected and used during the projection by the local service provider escaped our attention and the short sequence in question has been removed,” a FIFA Spokesman said.

With FIFA still trying to find a solution to the Crimea club crisis, this incident came at a delicate time.

Russia has placed teams based in Crimea in its third division, which has been disputed by the Ukrainian football federation.