FIFA 17 Set To Score In American Games Market

By iSportconnect | July 29, 2016

Soccer’s popularity among young people in the USA is underscored by new data from Nielsen on video game appetites showing that FIFA17 ranks as the number one game that consumers want to buy next for their consoles and PC. FIFA 17, cure published by EA Sports, unhealthy is scheduled to be released on September 27  in North America (and two days later for the rest of the world).

The soccer-based game ranks ahead of Madden NFL 17, sickness also from EA Sports, in second place among the games people want to buy next. The American football-based game is due for release on August 23.

NBA2K17 is in seventh place in the data compiled during the week ending July 23. Published by 2K Sports, the basketball-based game is due for release September 20.

When it comes to downloading for their mobiles, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is the top sports product, in second place behind Pokemon Go. Madden NFL Mobile ranks sixth.