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FIBA unveils a new initiative called Fast Break to support basketball healthcare personnel

By Community | February 5, 2018

FIBA has introduced a new quarterly publication called Fast Break to support basketball healthcare support personnel.

The first edition introduces the research on topics like the importance of ball control and self-regulatory skills; the epidemiology of illness at the Rio 2016 Summer Paralympic Games; an analysis of sprain injury cases and an evaluation of a shoulder injury prevention program in Wheelchair basketball.

Peter Harcourt, chairman of FIBA’s medical commission, said: “We are delighted to present the first edition of FIBA’s Fast Break, an initiative to support team medical personnel and courtesy of our Canadian friends. This initiative is the outcome of the FIBA Medical Commission’s work and it aims to assist with evidence-based healthcare practice in basketball. We will be publishing Fast Break every three months and plan to distribute it to as many team doctors, physiotherapists and sport trainers as possible.”

Patrick Baumann, FIBA secretary general and International Olympic Committee (IOC) Member, said: “I would like to congratulate the Medical Commission for completing this important milestone and thank its members for their great efforts to reach out to the basketball community as well as for providing the highest quality of sports medicine knowledge. This resource will strengthen FIBA’s healthcare program for the benefit of all players.”


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