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The FIA World Rallycross Championship partners Codemasters to launch Dirt World Championship

By Shantanu Srivastav | February 14, 2018

The FIA World Rallycross Championship has teamed up with Codemasters to launch the inaugural Dirt World Championship.

Using the Community Events system in Dirt 4, players will compete online in a mixture of rally and rallycross races to earn a place in the live-streamed quarter-finals and semi-final to gain a place at Speedmachine.

Codemasters’ eSports manager, Andy Gray said: “We’re delighted to announce the Dirt World Championships. Dirt has a vibrant, dedicated and highly engaged community so we believe that this is the perfect time to introduce an eSport element. Having the final at Speedmachine, in front of a live audience of motorsport fans, adds an incredible incentive.

“The fact that the winner will then be handed a chance to drive an RX2 car in front of a huge crowd on race day takes it to the next level. We maintain a close relationship with World RX and will also be working with Motorsport Network as a media partner to maximise the reach and scope of the competition.”

Paul Bellamy, World RX managing director for IMG, added: “We have worked with Codemasters since 2015, and we’re very excited to launch this new concept.  Very few people have had the chance to drive rallycross machinery and for a gaming fan, we firmly believe this is the ultimate reward for our winner to test their talent outside the virtual world.”


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