FFA Chief Hopes to Increase Participation with New Community Programs

March 19, 2013

Football Federation Australia CEO David Gallop has today announced a restructure of FFA’s community football programs.

The key objectives are to improve participation growth in all forms of football, cialis enhance community engagement and better integrate FFA’s activities with grassroots stakeholders.

“My priority is to maximise the opportunities that flow from Australian football’s single biggest advantage in a very competitive sports landscape – the popularity of the game at the grassroots and our huge participation base,” said Gallop.

“Our Member Federations, Associations and Clubs across the nation deserve the credit for making football such a vibrant part of Australian society, but it’s the right time to take the next big step forward.

“My review of community football has identified a need to change the way FFA consults, engages and implements its plans.

“The huge growth of indoor football largely outside of the formal structures of the game is one case which shows why we need to adapt if the game is to continue to grow and prosper.”