Ferguson Launches Agent Attack After Alladyce Ousting

By Community | December 20, 2010

Manager of English soccer giants Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson has launched a scathing attack against the power of agents in the game. Ferguson picked out special criticism for SEM Group managing director Jerome Anderson in his tirade.

The Scot has become the club’s longest serving manager this weekend and has made his thoughts clear about the quick turnaround of manager’s in soccer after the sacking of the likes of former Newcastle United manager Chris Hughton and Blackburn Rovers boss and friend of Sir Alex, Sam Alladyce.

Ferguson placed the blame for the eventual departure of Alladyce on the SEM Group’s involvement as player agency and sports rights agency Kentaro in advising the club’s new owners to part ways with the manager.

Ferguson stated: “I think it’s very difficult these days [to build a club] with the life we’re in now. There’s intense pressure on managers.

“You’ve got that issue at Blackburn of an agent involved and deciding the future of the club, Jerome Anderson, he couldn’t pick his nose.

“It’s baffling and it’s a serious threat to how clubs get run and how they conduct themselves.”


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