eSports FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona Unveils Football+Motorsport Video Game

April 5, 2019

FC Barcelona has bolstered its eSports inventory with the launch of  Rocket League team, a video game that combines football and motorsports.

The Barça roster will include the Spaniard Adrián “Bymateos” Mateos and the British players David “Deevo” William and Daniel “Bluey” Brian, both winners of the most recent Rocket League Championship Series. Furthermore.

Barça will further participate in tournaments such as Rocket League Championship Series and DreamHack.

Robert “Roken” Kendall will be managing Barça team. He said: “Being part of FC Barcelona is the greatest thing that any athlete can achieve, so I am deeply honoured to lead this team. The fact that FC Barcelona is joining the Rocket League is a success for both the club and the community.”


eSports FC Barcelona