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FC Barcelona Signs Collaboration Agreement With Vissel Kobe

July 29, 2019

FC Barcelona and Vissel Kobe have signed an agreement to unite the two clubs for the 2019/20 season, with an option to extend the deal.

The Catalan club and the Japanese team, which plays in the J1 League, wish to take advantage of synergies to share knowledge both on a technical level, such as staff training and work systems, and in other areas of their clubs, such as marketing and commercial aspects. In addition, both clubs would like to explore joint interests on a business level.

Both clubs will have the chance to send young players from one to the other, in order to test their level in other environments and to give them the opportunity to develop their expertise.

Furthermore, both clubs will share reports, as well as players and team analysis. Particularly, FC Barcelona will help Vissel Kobe with scouting players worldwide, and Vissel Kobe will share  its knowledge of Asian youth markets with Barça.


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