FASPO Sponsoring Summit 2012 Pole Position in Sponsorship

By Community | February 29, 2012

How creative is sponsorship?

That’s one of the key topics at FASPO SPONSORING SUMMIT 2012 on March 22, nurse in Hamburg, Germany.

 Giving a lecture about creativity as the most efficient sponsorship tool worldwide and the power of ideas in times of media democracy will be Raphael Brinkert, Managing Director of advertising agency Jung von Matt.

Further main topics will be:

The latest figures of the IFM study “Sponsor Visions”; the sports year 2012 with the Olympics in London and the UEFA European Championship with lectures given from the Deutschen Sport-Marketing GmbH as well as top sponsors Vattenfall and Sharp. Culture sponsorship will furthermore be another topic that will be discussed intensively. Among others, the culture sponsorship of car manufacturer Audi, one of the biggest German culturs sponsors, will be highlighted from Audi Manager Jürgen Bachmann, who will also present music sponsorship at concerts and in social media.

The congress will be followed by the 19th International Sponsorship Awards on the night of March 22nd. Well-known representatives  from the sponsorship industry will be honored by incorporating them into the HALL OF FAME SPONSORING. 

The event will take place in the Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg. The whole program can be found at the isportconnect.com events section or at www.faspo.de.

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