Fans not forced to eat McDonald reinstates Coe

July 25, 2011

London 2012 chairman Sebastian Coe has defended the decision to allow McDonald’s to open the biggest ever outlet in the middle of the Olympic Park. 

 A 3,000 square metre facility built by the Fast Food chain will be one of four on the Olympic site.

McDonald’s has been an Olympic sponsor for 35 years and Coe said: “Without sponsors you don’t have a Games. He added “Trying to raise the Herculean sums of money that we’ve actually raised in the most difficult economy for the delivery of the Games has been extraordinary.”

McDonald’s is set to be the only branded restaurants on site and estimates it will sell 1.75 million meals during the Games.

But Coe argued: “Alongside that we’ll have the widest possible range of foods, British and otherwise.

“Nobody is forcing you to eat McDonald’s on an hourly basis but let’s be clear: without the support of sponsors, this [the Olympics] just does not take place.”