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Fans Interest In Atmosphere Of UK Sporting Events On Decline

May 16, 2019

The atmosphere of UK sporting events is seeing a decline, as per a latest research by cashless solution company tappit.

The company undertook a survey of over 1,000 UK fans of football, rugby, cricket and motorsports and found that  queues were the fans’ biggest pain point at matches.

Long queues at food and drinks stands are considered the worst part of buying something at a match by 73% of football fans, 62% of rugby fans, 54% of cricket fans and 49% of motorsports fans.

The report further highlighted how fans complained about receiving personalised marketing content especially motorsports fans. The study found that the majority of fans across all sports would prefer to use contactless, NFC or prepaid cards or wristbands to pay for something at a match over cash, with 57% of football fans, 69% of rugby fans, 65% of cricket fans and 64% of motorsports fans expressing a preference for cashless payments.

Jason Thomas, CEO of tappit, said: “Our research shows that fans are clearly expecting more from their live sports experience. And while sectors like retail and hospitality are forging ahead with ways to enhance the consumer experience, there’s still more that sports clubs and venues can do. With more and more competition for people’s attention and spend, hopefully this will be the wake-up call that the sports industry needs to ensure fans keep coming back for more.”

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