Fall in Women Getting Top Sports Jobs

March 8, 2017

A prominent new study has indicated a drop in women getting top sports jobs. The Women In Sport survey showed a 6% drop since 2014.

The survey found that 33 of Britain’s 68 sporting bodies do not meet new government guidelines.

Under a new code that comes into effect on 1 April, organisations must have a minimum of 30% women on their boards, or risk losing funding.

Over one eighth of the 68 sporting bodies do not have a single woman in a senior leadership role.

The British Taekwondo Council, the sport’s national governing body, has no woman in any leadership or board positions.

The regulatory boards for football, cricket and rugby union all have female representation of under 15%.

Director of sport at funding body Sport England, Phil Smith, said organisations have to draw up an action plan of how they will reach the 30% target by 1 April, or face losing their funding.

“They have enough time to write an action plan, ” Smith told the BBC. “Public investment in any sports organisations is dependent on organisations reach the standards of the code, anyone who is not able to reach them or have adequate plans to do so, won’t be able to attract public investment.”