FAI Re-Elects Dr. John Grubbström as President

October 21, 2014

The World Air Sports Federation (FAI) has re-elected Dr. John Grubbström as President for a furthe two years at the General Conference.

Grubbström succeeded Pierre Portmann in 2010 and will remain in the top position until 2016.

FAI Executive Directors Otto Lagarhus from Norway and Beat Neuenschwander from Switzerland both announced their decision not to stand for reelection prior to the conference.

Hungary withdrew its nomination for László Mészáros (Hungary) before the start of the elections.

The candidates elected to serve on FAI Executive Board for a two-year term are:

  • -Mr. Frederik Brink (Netherlands)
  • -Mr. Alvaro de Orleans Borbon (Spain)
  • -Mr. Agust Gudmundsson (Iceland)
  • -Mr. Robert Henderson (New Zealand)
  • -Mr. Niels-Christian Levin Hansen (Denmark)
  • -Mrs. Gillian Rayner (France)

Robert Clipsham bowed out of the Executive Board after having served many years as Finance Director. He was nominated by the President as Companion of Honor for the 109th FAI General Conference 2015.