FA Not Looking to Sell Wembley Naming Rights

September 10, 2012

Wembley Stadium will not receive a name change, sources have clarified on Monday.

Rumours were circulating that the Football Association was locked into negotiations with up to five potential sponsors looking for naming-rights to the prestigious stadium which plays host to this season’s Champions League final.

However, sources insist there is no chance of a naming rights deal, such as the one Arsenal have with airline Emirates or Stoke have with the Britannia Co-operative Bank.

Even if they wanted to, Wembley officials would come up against a problem Newcastle owner Mike Ashley has encountered at Newcastle.

Although now officially titled the Sports Direct Arena, most fans still refer to the ground as St James’ Park.

Wembley was rebuilt at an eye-bulging cost of £798million and re-opened in 2007.

The stadium has hosted a number of high-profile events, including NFL, rugby union, rugby league and a series of pop concerts.

Former Wembley CEO, Michael Cunnah relieved many fans by saying: “The fans need not worry as the FA will never change the name of Wembley Stadium. What they may do is sell the rights to a sponsor that then becomes Wembley stadium presented by …

“Wembley is an attractive sponsorship package as many companies would wish to be associated with the most famous stadium in the world.”

The iSportconnect chairman added: “It will be interesting to see which companies would be considered for appropriate sponsors. I will expect them to be either British or English companies.”