FA Delay QPR Verdict Due to Quantity of Evidence

May 6, 2011

A decision has been made by the English Football Association (FA) to delay its verdict in the case of QPR midfielder Alejandro Faurlin due to the quantity of evidence being considered.

The Championship’s league winners may be deducted points if they are found guilty on some or all of the seven charges against them concerning the alleged existence of an agreement between them and a third party in respect of Faurlin’s economic rights.

Allegations have also been made that the club failed to notify the FA of that agreement before the player was registered to play for them in England as well as being charged with allegedly using or seeking to pay an unauthorised agent as part of the Faurlin deal.

Both the club and chairman Gianni Paladini have also been charged with allegedly submitting false information in documents provided to the FA relating to a contract extension signed by Faurlin in October.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday, former Football Association chief Mark Palios claimed that if the club are found guilty they would be docked points based on set precedents.

The full FA statement read: “It was originally indicated that the decision of the commission on the charges and on any sanction, if appropriate, would be announced by 4pm on Friday 6 May 2011 if possible.

“This will now not happen. A decision will be made and announced as soon as possible thereafter.”

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