FA Cup Final Gets 5pm Kick Off to Add Viewers

April 16, 2013

The Football Association (FA) has confirmed that the FA Cup final between Manchester City and Wigan Athletic will kick off at 5:15pm to add viewers and pay for the stadium.

The 5:15pm start for the semi-finals came under scrutiny after a section of the Millwall support fought with themselves and police, with many believing all day drinking played a part in the violence.

Prior to the semi-finals, FA General Secretary, Alex Horne told The Guardian: “We’re now used to consuming our football in those time slots. It really works. Lunchtime kick-offs just haven’t got the same appeal.

“The 5.15pm kick-off for the final was really successful. We added a couple of million viewers. It’s a sensible compromise.

When we designed the new national stadium, we knew we needed to put content in it. That’s what is paying for the stadium.

“Over time we are paying off the debt we had to incur to build the stadium. Investing in Wembley is investing in football. It’s a positive for all of football.”

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