FA Ask FIFA to Postpone Election to Allow New Candidates to Emerge

May 31, 2011

The English Football Association (FA) chairman David Bernstein has put pressure on FIFA to postpone its presidential election to allow a new candidate to come forward.

The FA announced in recent weeks that it would abstain from voting at the elections tomorrow, prostate June 1, there saying: “There were two main reasons for this decision. First, a concern, that a series of allegations relating to FIFA ExCo Members made it difficult to support either candidate.

“Secondly, a concern about the lack of transparency and accountability within the organisation, contributing to the current unsatisfactory situation.”

After the chaotic weekend of corruption allegations recently passed, the body has stated, through chairman David Bernstein, that the Congress should be delayed and that an independent party should be appointed to overlook how FIFA is run.

The statement added: “Events of the last few days have reinforced our views, and we call on FIFA and ask other national associations to support us with two initiatives.

“First, to postpone the election and give credibility to this process, so any alternative reforming candidate could have the opportunity to stand for President.

“Secondly, to appoint a genuinely independent external party to make recommendations regarding improved governance and compliance procedures and structures throughout the FIFA decision making processes for consideration by the full membership.

“This has been a very damaging time for the reputation of FIFA and therefore the whole of football. To improve confidence in the way the game is governed at the very top, we believe these requests would be a positive step forward and the minimum that should take place.”

The Scottish FA have echoed the sentiments of their English counterparts, claiming that the elections should be put off for between 3 and 6 months.