F1 pledges to greener future

July 1, 2010

The Formula One Teams’ Association (FOTA) has said it wants to reduce its carbon emissions over the next three years as the sport looks to curb its carbon footprint.

The announcement comes ahead of planned rule changes which is hoped will further enhance the fuel efficiency of cars.

FOTA chairman and Team Principle of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, Martin Whitmarsh, said: “The good news is that, in conjunctions with the FIA’s and FOTA’s recent successful efforts to improve efficiencies and restrict resources applied to Formula One, it has already been possible to reduce Formula One’s total carbon emissions.

“Moreover, building on what we have already achieved, and extrapolating what is now being planned, we anticipate that by 2012 Formula One will have reduced its total carbon emissions by 12.4 per cent compared with 2009.”

The news comes after FOTA-commissioned analysis was carried out by environmental research organisation Trucost. It looked at activities performed by and within Formula One teams and their suppliers and advising the body on measures that will reduce carbon emissions.