F1 Chief Confident Over Bahrain Grand Prix

By iSportconnect | March 29, 2012

F1 President and CEO Bernie Ecclestone has dismissed claims that security in Bahrain will continue to threat next month’s Grand Prix in the country, stating that it is ‘business as usual’ for the sport.

Last year’s race was cancelled because of civil unrest in the country, but Ecclestone has no fears that the situation will be repeated this year – and insists he has no concerns over security.

‘It’s business as usual,’ he told the BBC. ‘I don’t need any personal security but I’m sure whatever’s necessary will be looked after.’

The decision to proceed with the race in the troubled country has led to criticism from various human rights organisations, who have pointed to Bahrain’s human rights record, and the growing concern the event could be a target for protesters. Ecclestone, though, was unconcerned, adding: ‘I don’t think the people who are trying to demonstrate a little bit are going to use anything to do with F1. If they did they would be a little bit silly.’

An FIA spokesman said: ‘We welcome the spirit of reconciliation expressed by all parties and look forward to an exciting F1 race at the Bahrain International Circuit.’

Meanwhile, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is refusing to sign off new cost-control suggestions in the sport, with Red Bull and Toro Rosso the only teams yet to sign a letter to the FIA concerning the policing of the Resource Restriction Agreement.

‘What I would like to make clear is Red Bull is fully behind cost control in Formula One,’ said Horner to the Press Association. ‘Whether the RRA is the right route to achieve that is what we question.’