EXCLUSIVES: Top 5 Opinions of the Week – 12/06/16

By iSportconnect | June 17, 2016

IOC member Hayley Wickenheiser: “Doping scandal could taint the Olympics forever”

With the Olympics fast approaching, the IOC remains in the spotlight with the doping scandal that could overshadow the Games.

With each passing week more details emerge on doping scandals. Athletes from 2008 and 2012, have been caught with retrospective testing, and crucially two major countries may not be in Rio.

The decision on Russia’s participation in the Games is set to take place within the next 24 hours while Kenya also remain in limbo.

This is compounded by the report from WADA yesterday which revealed that anti-doping officials in Russia are being stopped from testing athletes and being threatened by security services.

Hayley Wickenheiser sits on the IOC’s Athletes’ Commission, having won four Winter Olympic Gold medals and seven World Championships…

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Rowing Shotbig

Doping cheats will follow the money, Federations must be cautious – World Rowing

With the Olympics 50 days away, much of the focus in the build-up has been on anything other than the sport itself.

Doping has dominated the headlines, with Russia and Kenya’s participation in athletics still up in the air. Not only that, but retrospective testing has shown up cheats from 2008 and 2012.

While doping is a problem for all sports, Executive Director of World Rowing Matt Smith, believes that doping is intrinsically linked to sports with money flowing into them. In this case, rowing’s lack of financial clout may actually be an advantage…

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IN FOCUS – The Sponsorship Formula of running a F1 Team

Modern Formula One seems to be an exercise in losing money. Every year, teams outside the established factory elite seem to be struggling to make ends meet, and face questions on their long term future.

For those teams, sponsorship revenue could be the difference between making it to the next season or closing their doors.

Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams of Williams F1 knows that pressure all too well. Williams has been in the sport coming up to 40 years, but their most recent accounts show how tough it is to run an independent Formula One team…

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Special Report – Data and its role in content creation

Modern content is a difficult beast to tame. Not only is more content available than ever before, but people are also consuming it in more ways than ever before as well.

Which means you have to be clearer than ever before on knowing who you are talking to, and why they are listening.

Ooyala are one of the leaders in not just offering companies the platform to showcase their content, with clients like Arsenal, Chelsea, Sky Sports and ESPN, but also in collating data to give their clients an insight on who they are talking to.

Rags Gupta, General Manager of Ooyala’s EMEA operation, outlined how his company had built its product with data at its heart…

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It seems like one of the strangest equations in modern sport.

One of the most opinion-dividing and intense sports on the planet is also one of the fastest growing, and one of the most successful brands around – Ultimate Fighting Championship.

UFC is the envy of many more traditional sports. It has tapped into the 16-30 demographic with ease, owns its own media rights, and is usually regarded as the gold standard of what digital content should look like.

James Elliott, General Manager of EMEA, explains why the brand has managed to move so quickly and successfully across the digital environment…

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