EXCLUSIVES of the Week – 01/08/16

By iSportconnect | August 5, 2016

Developing Football Around the World

FIFA is going through, perhaps, its toughest time ever. A scandal removed its last president, courts around the world are combing through its documents, and the newly elected president is fighting ethics charges.

While the antics of the executive committee get the press talking, and have hit FIFA’s reputation hard, FIFA have been trying to get on with their day to day purpose – developing football around the world. FIFA announced in March it will spend nearly $1.5 billion on developing the sport globally- a new record.

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5 top tips get more from your brand’s sports sponsorship

There’s no arguing about the fact that there’s huge value in sponsoring sports. Whether it’s the estimated $10 million average annual sales uplift endorsements contribute or the 4.7 billion sets of eyeballs glued to the television coverage of the Barclays Premier League*, the numbers are huge.

But throwing money at sports isn’t a universal panacea for all your marketing challenges, nor can a premium package form your tactical silver bullet if it’s not paired with sound strategy. For every success story, there are a sizeable handful of budget busting failures and missed opportunities

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Sponsorship at Barclays

The landscape of the sponsorship world is increasingly difficult to grasp, with a fine balance in attracting the right audience, increasing business, and spending money on costly endorsements.

Banks are huge players in that market –  as they fight to get the edge on their rivals.

But they all face the same challenge: how do you build a sponsorship portfolio that captures personal, business and top level customers? Their needs and interests vary massively.

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Bach’s Agenda 2020 Sports Reforms Hit Home Run for Olympic Movement

IOC President Thomas Bach may not know the lyrics or music of Alice Cooper’s rock classic ‘Department of Youth’ in any detail, if at all, but the anthem to youth power could have provided the soundtrack for the IOC session’s historic vote to usher in five new sports events for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

In response to the rhetorical question posed in the rock hit of who holds power, Cooper’s chorus emphatically points to young people, the key audience for his rock music albums and concerts, and now especially for the Olympic Movement under the Bach presidency.

The change in direction is much needed and testament to the scale and speed of reform under way in the Bach era.

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On the Balancing Beam ahead of Rio 2016

The Rio Games are here, with the sporting world crammed into Rio’s Olympic village, the IOC will be eager to put the turbulent build up behind them.

The Zika virus, Russian doping scandal and security fears, have all overshadowed the Games.

None of which is conductive to a good medal haul. Jane Allen is the CEO of British Gymnastics and told iSportconnect that she tried to kept her squad isolated from the controversy.

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