Exclusive: WRU Avoids ‘being greedy’ in 6 Nations Ticket Price Drop

By iSportconnect | January 29, 2013

The CEO of the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) has said that he wanted to avoid ‘being greedy’ when dropping ticket prices for next year’s 6 Nations.

The WRU released a statement confirming that the home games against Italy and Scotland would see a price drop, whilst the game against France would remain at the same price as this year’s tournament.

Speaking exclusively to iSportconnect, Roger Lewis, CEO of the WRU explained: “It’s a way of making sense for everyone. It’s looking after the fans in the tough times and also not being greedy with ones yield, to ensure you get a full-house, because everyone wants to play to a full Millennium Stadium.”

Wales v Italy 2014 tickets will be priced at £25, £35, £55 and £65. This is the same top price as a ticket in 2009 and is a reduction of over 18% on this year’s prices.

The game against Scotland in 2014 will be priced at £25, £40, £60 and £70. This is a 12.5% reduction on this year’s top price.

Lewis told iSportconnect that he could have increased the ticket prices, but is instead focused on the tough economic climate and his goal of filling the stadium.

He added: “I could have kept the pricing for next year at the same level as this year, or put in a modest increase, however, I think by reducing the ticket prices I’ll ensure three sell out games and so the yield that we’ll produce from a reduced ticket price for two of the games, but with increased attendance will give us the same return as we would if we’d either kept the ticket prices of this year or modestly increased them.

“My strategic imperative for next year is based upon a very tough economic environment in Wales and a desire to ensure that the fans remain engaged with the game at international level.”

2014 RBS 6 Nations tickets will first be made available to WRU member clubs in 2013.

Roger Lewis’s full interview with iSportconnect can be read here >>.