Exclusive: Winning 2017 IPC Athletics World Championship Bid is ‘vital’ says Warner

November 16, 2012

By Ismail Uddin

Ed Warner, the chairman of UK Atheltics, has revealed winning the bid for the 2017 IPC World Championships will be ‘vital’ for UK Athletics.

London announced earlier this week they had submitted a bid for the IPC Championships that will complement their successful 2017 Athletics World Championship bid.

Warner who is also in charge of the London 2017 World Championships was eager for this to continue.

“I think it is vital to Athletics. If we can win the IPC bid and other events going forward then we have a showcase for our sport,” he told iSportconnect.

“If you look at what UK Sport announced they have a clear list of targets. The IPC Athletic World Championships will be one of them and they would have chosen them carefully.”

Warner also wanted Athletics to build on the successes of London 2012.

“We can build on 2012, it mustn’t be something we look back on say that was a great moment, we have to use this as a platform for future events.

“I think the success of the Paralympic games has opened London’s eyes in what it can do for promoting Paralympic sport and selling tickets and the enthusiasm to bid for the IPC World Championship grew out of the success from the Paralympic games this summer.”