Exclusive: Wales “interested” in a Multi-Country Euro 2020 Format

By Community | October 9, 2012

Jonathan Ford, bronchi the Chief Executive of the Football Association of Wales (FAW), health is in favour of Michel Platini’s proposal to spread the 2020 European Championship across the entire continent, remedy claiming that the horrible state of the economy would make it difficult for a sole nation to host the event. 

He said: “In this economic climate, it is very difficult for an individual country to justify or quantify the fact that they’re going to have to invest in so much on infrastructure that sometimes wouldn’t be used. 

“Let’s not forget, Portugal Euro 2004 was a great success, but three of their stadiums have since been demolished.” 

Despite the destruction of a few white elephants in Portugal, Ford did admit that UEFA need to be cautious with a multi-country tournament, pointing towards the societal benefits that hosting an international event can generate.

He added: “The power of these events is more than just what happens on the field of play, it’s a societal thing and we have got to be careful that we don’t take that best element of what these events represent.”

The former Head of Sponsorship at Coca Cola, concluded that Wales would be “interested” in playing host, whatever format UEFA decide upon. 

Check out the entire interview here: http://bit.ly/T0RhH4


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