Exclusive: Wakeboarding ‘must be kept in list’ of 2020 Hopefuls

May 24, 2013

By Steve Moorhouse

Wakeboarding has to be kept in the list of sports looking to be added to the 2020 Olympic Games if the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is serious about adding a youth generated sport to the Games.

That is the view of Kuno Ritschard, bronchi the President of International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) as he prepares for a key presentation at the SportAccord Convention next week.

Wakeboarding joins sport climbing, rx roller sports, wrestling, baseball/softball, squash, wushu and karate in looking for Olympic recognition and to be added to the 2020 programme.

That list of eight will be cut to a reported three at the SportAccord Convention, where each sport will present to the IOC.

Speaking exclusively to iSportconnect, when asked if he was confident wakeboarding would remain on the list, Ritschard said: “If the IOC really wants a new sport with many young people involved and who will find the interest of the youth generation then we must be kept in the list.

“Our aim is to show the Executive Board members the excitement and skill involved, the TV potential and the spectator appeal.”

Ritschard also confirmed that the IWWF was ready for their presentation at the SportAccord Convention as the federation looks to familiarise the IOC with the ‘excitement’ of wakeboarding.

“Everything is ready for our presentation to the IOC Executive Board,” Ritschard added. “We will work with PowerPoint and two videos to give the Executive Board members all the necessary information and to make them familiar with the excitement of wakeboarding

“We will give them also 10 great reasons why Wakeboard should be selected.”

The SportAccord Convention takes place in St Petersburg, Russia, May 26-31.