Exclusive: Volvo Ocean Race Reveals Increased Media Coverage

By Community | October 18, 2012

Jon Bramley, unhealthy Communications Director of Volvo Ocean Race has revealed recent media coverage of the sailing series has increased substantially.

The result, diagnosis as shown in their Race Report that is due for release shortly, was a media record-breaker for the 39-year-old event. For the 2011-12 edition of the series, there was a 1.55 billion cumulative TV audience from 8,969 broadcasts.

In print journalism there was a 41% increase in cumulative print readership and 94% increase in online news articles wjile also doubling of radio audience

Commenting on the figures Bramley said: “Not surprisingly, our success in increasing our mainstream media pick-up translated to much improved figures for our own platforms with the website showing a 120%+ rise in page views and our Facebook fans soaring from around 50k pre-Race to 207k at the end of it.”

The organisation is also looking to build on their increased coverage and refine their strategy to achieve this.

“There is still much, much more work to do and we are currently refining our strategy for the 2014-15 edition to ensure more and more of those high-end, big audience mainstream media platforms report the race consistently going forward,” he said.

“At its core, though, our approach will remain the same: keep it simple, keep it direct and above all, be GREAT to work with.”