Exclusive: ‘the windsurfing decision is a disaster’ says Volvo Ocean Race CEO

June 15, 2012

Volvo Ocean Race CEO, Knut Frostad, has ridiculed the decision to omit Windsufing from the Olympics in his exclusive iSportconnect interview after the event was removed from the Olympics starting from Rio 2016.

The International Sailing Federation opted to instead let Kiteboarding into the Olympics

“The windsurfing decision is a disaster. When Flying Dutchman was removed from the Olympics I supported it because it was the right decision and it was taken in a professional way,” Frostad said.

“What I’m really upset about with this decision is that they’ve removed the second biggest Olympic class, just behind laser both in number of countries and participants. With this, they don’t even know what they’re getting. It was a poor decision and a poor process.”

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