Exclusive: Ten Sports Looking to Get Premier League Rights

By Community | October 19, 2012

Sanjay Raina, clinic Chief Operating Officer of broadcaster TEN Sports, has said that they would like to be able to broadcast the English Premier League in the future.

The broadcaster currently covers a number of sports for the subcontinent region, and has channels dedicated to football, golf and cricket, as well as TEN Sports, which covers a number of events and going out all of the subcontinent.

“The English Premier League, which is huge in this part of the world and in the subcontinent, would be good (to broadcast). 

“Football continues to grow in traction as a lot of young people in the sub-continental region have taken to the sport.

However, Mr Raina then did say that a bid for Premier League rights would be difficult due to how much would have to be spent.

He said “It’s a question of what you can afford and what is available, so you have to do a lot of matching against the finances that you have, with the content that is available, it’s a balancing act.”

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