Exclusive: Ten Sports COO Admits Elite Football League a Gamble

By Community | October 25, 2012

The Chief Operating Officer of TEN Sports, viagra a television broadcaster which serves most of the subcontinent has said that the covering of the Elite Football League of India may not work out, unhealthy but that with experience and time, viagra the sport could become popular in the region.

Next month, the broadcaster will begin showing the league, where teams from all over the subcontinent will compete in the gridiron (American Football) competition.

Mr Raina says that the sport has yet to take off in the region, but that the risk could be one which is worth taking.

“People in the sub-continent don’t understand the game so I guess it will go through a learning curve. will go through a learning curve, but these are experiments that all networks do; you pick up something and then it gradually becomes bigger.

“These are small experiments are not to get a large share of viewing figures, but ones which you keep doing to keep testing new formats and new kinds of sports.”

Mr Raina says that although these sports “do not get a large share of viewing figures”, the venture could be a success, referencing the recent success of Formula One in Asia and India in particular. “Now you can say that it (motorsport) has become a global phenomenon, especially the likes of Formula One, Moto GP and so on.”