Exclusive: Squash Tops Google Maps Search

By iSportconnect | September 19, 2012

According to research conducted by Google, Squash was the top-query on Google Maps during the British summer.

The sport lead the way ahead of alternative sport and leisure search items, such as “park”, “gym” and “golf courses”.

Andrew Shelley, CEO, World Squash Federation (WSF), said: “It is great to see that Google Maps searches bear out what we already know – that squash enthusiasm around the world includes the ‘traditional’ countries such as the United Kingdom too.

“To be placed ahead of other sports and leisure pursuits emphasises the strength and popularity of squash in the UK.

“But it is also important to remember that squash is a global sport which has spawned world champions from every continent and is played in 185 countries on over 50,000 courts – so there are a lot of answers out there.”

Although squash continues to grow in new market, Shelley believes it is vital for the sport to continue to strive in already established areas.

Speaking exclusively to iSportconnect, he said: “The research also illustrates just how vibrant squash is in traditional strongholds of the sport, which combined with growth markets such as Eastern Europe, Asia and China is important as squash strives for a place on the Olympic programme.”